Agave Shaka Zulu 12cm

R 75.00

Freshen up your workplace, Home or Patio with one of these beauties 

This Agave plant has a geometric blue-green rosette with leaves that are edged in red. Agave grow from the centre so you might notice older foliage can die away as the plant matures. Just remove any old growth as needed. They are happy enough being somewhat pot-bound.

Light: Agave need bright light to thrive. 

Water: Only water when the soil dries out, and definitely do not mist him. It's not a particularly thirsty plant, so water with warm water a couple of times per month max. They are quite drought tolerant.

Temperature: Agave can tolerate low temperatures but preferably keep above 8°C.

Humidity: Agave like it dry, misting and humidity is a big no-no. 

Feed: Feed around once or twice a year. 

Toxicity: The sap can be an irritant and the tips are quite sharp, so take care to place it somewhere appropriate.