Barrel Cactus 12cm

R 75.00

Cactus Barrel

"Life is like a cactus, prickly but very beautiful"

Cacti are the most cheeky looking plants beautiful in the window sill, home or the garden these guys can brighten up your life with their prickly or sometimes even fluffy attitudes.

They make the perfect gifts just to say you are thinking of someone or maybe you just need this little guy in your garden collection.

These guys are all unique when we send them we select the best ones.

Our Cacti are:

  • Beautiful with sharp colour. 
  • Easy to take care off.
  • All you need for any occasion or space
  • Grown with the best soil for a healthy and colourful  life

"The love we have for succulents is something indescribable almost like the love we have for coffee"