Fritz Luthi' Delta Maidenhair Fern 

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This lovely cultivar of A. raddianum has a distinct, large triangular shaped blade. The pinnae are larger and more deeply lobed than on the cultivars A. raddianum ‘Brilliantelse’ and A. raddianum variegatum ‘Snowflake’, with more space between the segments. It is more compact than A. raddianum and is noted to have stiffer stipes, which make its fronds slightly more resistant to breaking in rain and wind. New growth emerges a bright green and fades to a blue-green as the fronds mature. In our trials ‘Fritz Luthi’ preferred shadier conditions than both ‘Brilliantelse’ and ‘Snowflake’, since it does not produce as much pigment to protect its new fronds, making it an excellent choice for filtered shade or as a houseplant. For best results water lightly at the base and avoid repeated saturation of the fronds. For outdoor cultivation situate near the top or middle of a slope; when watering saturate the soil uphill from the fern so it percolates down and avoid frequent overhead watering of the fronds.