Kalanchoe 12cm Pink

R 49.50

Kalanchoe Plant has very low needs when it comes to watering. Giving them too much water will lead the plant to drown. On top of that, they have sensitive leaves, which can easily get rot when wet even for a small drop of water.


With that in mind, we highly recommended using the "Bottom Watering" method whenever you water your Kalanchoe Plant. Usage of this technique should help you avoid getting their leaves wet by accident, and at the same time, ensures that they'll get just a sufficient amount of water for them to stay happy and healthy.


You can also water your Kalanchoe Plant the traditional way, which is from above. Just ensure not to let its leaves come into contact with the water. In case you accidentally splash some water into its leaves, quickly get a tissue and carefully wipe it. Do not forget to throw out any excess water from the saucer.


Remember, Kalanchoe Plant is also a succulent. Meaning, they should only be watered when the soil is completely dry or whenever you feel that their leaves are no longer firm when given a light press. If you are not sure about the right timing, you can use a moisture meter or your finger to feel if the top 2-inches of the soil are already dry or not. Also, always make sure to