Senecio Rowleyanus (String of Pearls, String of Peas)

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Senecio Rowleyanus (String of Pearls, String of Peas)

Native to South Africa, these plants have become coveted for their beauty and versatility.They look good pretty much anywhere you stick them in and they add another dimension to your arrangement. From hanging baskets to little teacups, they can definitely grab people’s attention. The stems can grow up to 90cm long and can be left hanging or trailing. When cut, the stems will split into two or more and keep on growing. The stems are lined with small, round, pea-like green leaves. These plants are not frost tolerant.

Caring for String of Pearls can be easy once you figure these guys out. Like other succulent plants, they need a well draining soil. Established plants need less water than younger plants. Water only when the soil is dry, but do not let the soil dry out completely. They need bright but indirect sunlight and need to be protected from intense afternoon sun. They do well in a partially shaded area, or in planters shaded by other taller plants. They produce these fuzzy white flowers that have a sweet, vanilla scent.

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy succulents! And that is pretty much the same thing."

Succulents make the most spectacular displays in the home or the garden these guys can brighten up your space and life with their brilliant colour and prickly or sometimes even fluffy attitudes.

They make the perfect gifts just to say you are thinking of someone or maybe you just need this little guy in your garden collection.

Our succulents are:

  • Beautiful with sharp colour.¬†
  • Easy to take care off.
  • All you need for any occasion or space
  • Grown with the best soil for a healthy and colourful¬† life

"The love we have for succulents is something indescribable almost like the love we have for coffee"